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My tenure at Adobe, in the role of Global Content Lead, was a transformative experience, allowing me to take on a significant role in shaping the company's content strategy for the German market. I had the privilege of leading, developing, and codifying the approach to regional-scale content offerings, which were highly specialized for German users.

One of the aspects that stood out for me during my journey at Adobe was the company's unwavering commitment to accessible design and inclusivity. Working for Adobe Express, I had the opportunity to truly immerse myself in this mission, demonstrating genuine care and curiosity for individuals from diverse backgrounds, heritages, languages, and abilities. This commitment extended to the creation of content strategies that catered to the wide spectrum of global needs that emerged.

My role as the Global Content Lead was not just about envisioning content strategies but also about ensuring they were executed with precision and quality at scale. Collaborating closely with other global leads, vendors (Eps51, btrax), and designers, I had the privilege of contributing to a well-coordinated effort to maintain the highest standards of quality and efficiency. This involved meticulous documentation and adherence to content tagging, search, and discovery requirements, ensuring that content was consistently delivered with excellence.

I was especially passionate about typography, layout, and graphic design, and Adobe encouraged this enthusiasm. This allowed me to not only communicate but also visually demonstrate ideas, playing a key role in advancing conversations and ideas. My visual acumen extended to staying attuned to style, trends, and the evergreen aspects of German content and culture.

My role as the Global Content Lead was not just about individual contributions but also about fostering a collaborative, creative environment. I was known for providing constructive feedback in an open and clear manner, which significantly enhanced the creative capacity of those around me.

In terms of project management, I took the lead in planning, overseeing extensive schedules and calendars, ensuring that projects, briefs, and content consistently moved forward and met their targets. This comprehensive role allowed me to contribute to the company's success in the German market, and I am immensely grateful for the invaluable experiences and skills I gained during my time with Adobe.

︎︎︎ Company: Adobe Inc
︎︎︎ Role: Content Strategist / Global Content Lead