Motion Picture (skate video)

  1. Directing
  2. Camera Operation
  3. Video Editing

Having spent nearly five years in Berlin, I was fortunate enough to unveil my third full-length skate film in early July 2023. The culmination of 1.5 years of filming, this project seamlessly followed my previous video without a break, and I approached the editing process with the mindset that it might be the last in the series (even though we're already onto the next project). Throughout the entire edit, my focus was on incorporating references and influences.

Following its premiere, the film gained recognition on various well-known platforms within the skateboard media landscape. Titled "Operation: Interbau," it drew significant inspiration from the works of Jean-Luc Godard. All titles were based on "Pierrot le Fou," and the video's name itself was derived from Godard's inaugural film, "Operation: Beton."

The reference to "Interbau," though, pays homage to my earlier video, "the KMA."

The KMA or Karl Marx Avenue, a monumental socialist boulevard constructed by the GDR between 1952 and 1960 and stood as a flagship project in East Germany's post-World War II reconstruction program.

The hidden meaning lies in the fact that some members of the crew called me out, coming from western germany. "the KMA" was referencing the exact boulevard where we frequently gathered before embarking on another filming mission:

Interbau refers to an architecture exhibition that took place in late 1950s West-Berlin. It was often hailed as "the western world's response to Karl Marx Avenue".

︎︎︎ Agency: Private Project
︎︎︎ Role: Senior Designer / Art Director / D.o.P. / Skater