Launch Event

  1. Internet of things
  2. Branding
  3. Graphic Design

Soundlounge was a unique event created to bring together professionals from the sound and advertising industries in Düsseldorf. We worked together with IOT experts, to create a unique invitation that expressed the essence of this first-time event.

On the surface the poster appears to be like any other, a simple sheet of paper, but hidden beneath are audio receptors linked to micro-rear projection technology. An algorithm analyses sound frequency and volume to create the perfect reaction to ambient noise, transforming it into graphical impulses that reveal a message.

Furthermore, we created a different execution for the opening of the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg.

In 2017 this piece got exhibited in “advertisment: the art of communication” at the city museum of Düsseldorf.

︎︎︎ Agency: BBDO Group Germany
︎︎︎ Role: Senior Designer / Art Director